Architecture Consulting and Development
We help you to either design or improve the existing software architecture including the aspects of scalability, security, risks and cost associated with the choices made.
  • Make the right choice in the very beginning
    We can help you with designing the right architecture If you are building software from scratch. This would enable you to ensure that the growth of your applications is not imposed by the limitations of the made decisions.
  • Be prepared for scaling features in your application
    Event-driven, Microservices architecture, SOA,
Why us
Four good reasons that make us stand out from any other company you may encounter.
  • Advisory, Consulting and Implementation
    We can do any of those, depending on where you are at the moment with your software and what kind of support you may require.
  • Infrastructure is a part of the offering
    Get an augmented infrastructure consulting
  • Decentralized, Transactional, IoT -- we know it all
    We have had an experience developing for all kind of architecture, well aware of the advantages and the limitations of each.
  • No long-term commitments
    Cancel cooperation with a 14-day notice.
Our development have sped up time to market for the market-leading software for traders and risk managers.
Schedule a one-hour session with a consultant
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