We hire software consultants from Eastern Europe on your behalf for a fraction of the cost of the local employee
We can help you with
Short-term engagement to solve a particular problem
You don't need to budget and plan for an FTE when you actually need to have a specific problem solved, aspect of a product improved. Tell us what you want to achieve and we'll get an expert to fix this very particular problem for you. Good examples would be
- migrate to Kubernetes
- hire a part-time engineer to develop smart-contracts for your blockchain application
- Introduce Microservices.
You can build a trusted network of remotely located engineers who know your product and code and can get involved on an on-demand basis. Keep costs to the bare minimum but keep developing your product continuously.
MVP Development
Give your idea a real tangible shape so that you automate business processes, improve the quality of decision-making, streamline operations, and decrease cost. It takes 30-90 days with weekly deliveries to bring your idea to life.
Scaling the team
Extend the team at a fraction of cost while maintaining control. You can use our local leverage and associated low cost of operations to grow your development team's capacity. We allow you to hire fast when you need to move fast as a company without bearing the costs and risks associated with having your own people on board.
How we differ
More than 54% decrease in cost
We are not making you obliged to management overhead, use effective employment techniques, distributed locations to decrease the cost of running your remote team. Pay only for what you get.
No middle-man
We don't impose our processes on you. Work closely with those who get the job done under your own development processes and culture.

Want us to run the process instead?
Our product managers and remote software delivery experts can take complete delivery responsibility for getting your job done.
Not the best in your area but the best!
Distributed and Remote-first working culture including operations, staffing, tools. Hence, time to result is achieved way faster than the industry average and we have access to the best talent despite where they are.
Why we exist
I founded Ruunis to fix all of the inefficiency in the outsourcing and custom software development that I have observed for more than ten years of experience in the industry.

We don't have fancy offices with a kindergarten mentality, process overhead, HR-middlemen etc. Instead, we cherry-pick the best talent to get the job done, help you with onboarding, and getting the most of the remote software development.

Proudly small enough to care, based in Amsterdam, dealing with clients from the UK.

David 'Dima' Kanevsky
CEO and co-founder
Happy clients
Ruunis is great to work with. Guys helped us tremendously in setting up our our development team. Consultants from Ruunis are sharp, motivated and are challenging the customers in a good way. We are grateful for the work done for us!
Frans van Hulle, CEO,
Ruunis was very instrumental in assessing the gaps in our Web Dev Org, coming up with a plan to evolve the team to a better state of productivity and efficiency.

Lisa Friedman, VP Web Marketing, RingCentral
VP of Marketing
Contacts us
Anything great ever delivered started with a conversation. Tell us what you want to achieve and we will reach out to you shortly.
What are you trying to achieve
We take your personal data responsibly, and promise not to share it with anybody else. Read more on the legal liabilities that we posses with regards to the GDPR.
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