Dedicated Development Team
Extend the team at a fraction of cost while maintaining control. You can use our local leverage and associated low cost of operations to grow your development team's capacity. We allow you to hire fast when you need to move fast as a company without bearing the costs and risks associated with having your own people on board.
  • Get the first hire in ten days
    Start working with the first candidate 10 days after contract signing. We 'pre-heat' candidates for you, so that you can get them in the project as soon as possible.
  • 54% decrease in cost
    On average a team set up with us costs you 50% less than a local team. We are not making you obliged to a management overhead, use effective employment techniques, distributed locations and software to decrease the operational overhead. Have a detailed calculation for your specific case here.
  • No middle-man. Technies speak to technices.
    We don't impose management overhead on you. Work closely with those who get the job done, introduce own development processes and culture.
Learn how we helped Israeli's GetAlert to extend the core team that develops Computer Vision Algorithms for a Smart Camera Application
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