Adhere to the GDPR seamlessly
Compliance is hard and expensive if you don't automate it. We cover all of the key points of the GPDR, and automate compliance procedures between you and your end users.
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How it works
Our solution based on cryptography and distributed key management integrates seamlessly via API, and ensures complete automation of the compliance procedures by design.
  • Consent management
    Users can provide and withdraw easily access to their personal data by turning on and off the key. They can also manage the purpose of use of data, length of retention, and key retention permission. Policy is accessed via provided API and is supplied by the client via a number of possible methods such as portal, email, and an application.
  • Personal Data Control and Portability
    The key is generated per user and can be stored on user's mobile devices or a network of devices. Users mange access to their key and are in complete control of the usage of their personal data.
  • Pseudonymization
    Our key management solution takes care of the encryption on a record-per-record basis, so that the data is anonymized and is stored in an immutable manner.
  • Right to erasure (the right to be forgotten)
    Users have complete control over access to the data and they can turn on and off access to their data (including backups) while realizing the rule to be forgotten, to be erased etc. taking away from you all of the hassle associated with making this in a form of organizational procedures.
  • Data Breaches disclosure
    Using our APIs you can ensure that your data is anonimyzed and securely stored via distributed key manager. Would you experience data breach your client data is still safe. We automate breach notification via API and help you to make sure that your reputation is secure as the data even if leaked is encrypted and cannot be accessed or used.
  • Records of activities
    We keep records of all of the processing activities in a distributed ledger (private and public blockchain). The log of users' decisions is maintained in immutable manner and can be extracted by user's or authorities' request automatically.
Data Protection by Design
Integrate your user interaction end-points with our set of APIs that uses distributed key management as a tool for managing access to user data. Yes, you still will need to go through DPIA and appoint a DPO, but the degree of adjustments will be limited to using provided API controls.
Industry Standard Encryption
Our core key manager that generates, stores and transfers keys complies with the highest standards (NIST and FIPS) and is used by hundreds of blue chip companies. These keys help you secure GDPR covered data as well supply you with ability to secure other data within your system.
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By filling up this form you agree that your personal data will be used by the members of our team to contact you.
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We know that the problems of data security and privacy are derived the the technology we use and therefore shall be addressed by technology.
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