JintonicDocs is a collaboration decision making tool for smart teams
Stop the Email Threading Madness
Make decisions about specs, legal agreements, sales proposals as
efficiently as if this was happening in
the same room.
Keep your team aligned
Upload documents
Upload files from Google Drive, local storage or write from scratch.
Invite collaborators
Invite members of your team or external collaborators. No account needed.
Open discussion threads
Indicate parts of the document that you want to discuss with peers.
Mark made decisions
Done discussing? Mark discussion as solved and move on to the next topic.
Keep track of how you got there
We keep a complete list of all of your discussions and decisions.
Never miss a thing
Not sure if you have covered it all? We keep a list of all of the open questions so that nothing falls between chairs.
Discover new effective ways to do remote work
  • Product Management
    Discuss requirements, bring alignment to the team, make sure that all of the decisions are captured before writing a single line of code
  • Legal Departments
    Bring clarity to the contract discussion process, forget comments, reviews and constant back and forth emailing of edited versions of legal documents.
  • Business people
    Get input from all kind of functions in the organisation on strategy and scope. Keep track of made decisions.
  • Creative teams
    Discuss your creative work remotely, review and edit content and make thoughtful suggestions across all of your documents.
Clarity saves sanity
Forget meeting-centric craze and email threading madness that leads to slow decisions, people out of the loop, misalignments and bad results. Make better decisions, broader inclusion and bring more innovation to your work with JintonicDocs.

Less email threading and chat madness
Tired of email and chat madness when discussing an idea? Substitute email and chat talks with JintonicDocs. Now you have a chance to discuss in a shared environment everything that is needed, indicate decisions made and move from ideation to delivery.
Single point of reference for all of the decisions made
All of your decisions about requirements, documents, contracts are stored at the same place. No more 'we have not agreed on it'
More clarity — better decisions
When you know why you have made a particular decision and have a complete log of argumentation, you are able to make better decisions. Trust to the list of made decisions instead of relying on a faulty memory and paraphrasing of oral conversation you had with your peers.
Less wasted efforts
Decide before you act. Digital clutter is a big problem. Thrashings early is the strategy that guarantees delivery and focus. With JintonicDocs you can weigh-in all pros and cons before you actually commit to anything.
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