Great Software Starts Here
Since 2019 we have been providing advice, consulting, software development and innovation services helping organizations to thrive.
What we do
  • Innovation Sprint
    • Timeline: 30-90 days from the idea to getting real
    • Scope: Augmented project management, Test automation, CI/CD, Tech and User Documentation.

    Give your idea a real tangible shape so that you automate business processes, improve quality of decision-making, streamline operations and decrease cost.
  • Endurance Run
    • Timeline: 6-12 months development acceleration with a fully augmented team
    • Scope: Discovery phase, augmented project management, Test automation, CI/CD, Tech and User Documentation.

    We allow you to scale fast when you need to move fast as a company without bearing the costs and risks and liabilities associated with having your own full-time employees.
  • Discovery Bite
    • Timeline: 2-4 weeks
    • Scope: Business Analysis, UX Research and Design, Requirements Specification Development

    Workshops, homework and prototyping aimed at giving your idea a tangible shape without writing a line of code. Output that can be used by any third-party.
These are the services we want to showcase but we have way more to offer. Tell us what you want to achieve and we will send more information to you.
How we differ
Three strong reasons to hire Ruunis
Remote-first company
Remote-first working culture including operations, staffing, tools. Hence, time to result is achieved way faster than the industry average and we have access to the best talent despite where they are.
Accelerated results
Shipping in weeks instead of months is achieved by employing statistically typed languages, automated test coverage and continuous integration of a working code.
Code that lasts
We rely on the technologies that will be on the market ten years from now and build a software around concepts that matter in your domain so you can speak the same language with developers.
Happy clients that want to keep our relationship a secret*
  • Ruunis is great to work with. Guys helped us tremendously in setting up our our development team. Consultants from Ruunis are sharp, motivated and are challenging the customers in a good way. We are grateful for the work done for us!
    NL/US Ad-tech Company
  • Ruunis was very instrumental in assessing the gaps in our Web Dev Org, coming up with a plan to evolve the team to a better state of productivity and efficiency.

    Global US-based IP-telephony Provider
    VP of Marketing
* We respect privacy of our clients and the NDA agreements that we have. As you may well know, global companies don't want their shareholders know that some of the IP was developed outside of the HQ, and that's why we are not offering a 'logo cemetery' on the homepage. We are happy, though, to connect you to some of them shall you fall into the same business category.
Our story
Since 2019 we are helping organizations to thrive providing advice, consulting, software development and innovation services.

Ruunis was founded after gaining more than 13 years in efficiency consulting and software development experience.

Having worked with top-notch organizations ranging from NOKIA and T-Systems and ending with innovative high-growth startups startups, we understood the key roadblocks to the efficiency of organizations including approach to ideation, distributed team management, and engineering practices.

Contacts us
Anything great ever delivered started with a conversation. Tell us what you want to achieve and we will reach out to you shortly to talk through it so that both of us can decide that we can be helpful.
We take your personal data personal, and promise not to share it with anybody else. Read more on the legal liabilities that we posses with regards to the GDPR.