Staff augmentation in Ukraine
Extend your development capacity without bearing the risk and overhead associated with recruiting, managing and allocating your own people.
Dedicated Development Team
Extend the team at a fraction of cost while maintaining control. You can use our local leverage and associated low cost of operations to grow your development team's capacity. We allow you to hire fast when you need to move fast as a company without bearing the costs and risks associated with having your own people on board. Build your own dedicated development team in Ukraine.
Managed Development Team
We manage the delivery process, instill best practices and take delivery responsibility, so that you can focus on getting business and product-related stuff done. Build your managed development team in Ukraine.
Shared Development Team
Share the cost associated with having and managing your own development team. We help companies that are sensitive to monthly expenses to work with a dedicated development team on a pay-as-you go basis. The team is fixed, though, has all of the benefits of being the team, and costs 50% less than a dedicated team without baring the management overhead. Build your shared development team in Ukraine.
Peak resources
Hire with us as few as a single rare-skill specialist that would help your business to achieve that you really want. Hire developers in Ukraine.
Looking for something specific?
Talk to us and tell what you are trying to achieve.